Give the Aveda Salon Holiday Gift That Gives Back

aveda_holiday gift setsThis holiday season, Aveda is making it easier than ever to not only spread joy to friends and family, but to also give back to those in need, and our Aveda salon is proud to be a part of the initiative. Aveda and Reveal Salon & Spa in Omaha are making this possible through the Fighting Poverty with Paper program. By purchasing lakato bark and using it for gift boxes, Aveda has created a simple but effective program that can do a lot of good for the world.

5 Ways This Special Aveda Salon Holiday Program Helps Those in Need

First, the Fighting Poverty with Paper program helps women. Women make up 80% of the workforce in Nepal that creates this special paper. When women earn an income, it empowers communities by making it possible for women to help their families and others.

The second benefit of this awesome Aveda salon program is that it strengthens families. Traditionally, fathers have to leave their homes and families in order to find work. Thanks to the income generated by this program, women are able to keep their families in one place. This also makes it possible for more children to attend school. The program is projected to give 1,000 families a better future, and our Omaha salon is proud to take part in it!

Children aren’t the only ones benefiting from education through this special holiday program. For adults like 23 year-old Guma Pun, playing a key role in the management and oversight of this gift box paper operation provides an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills. In Pun’s case, this program is also enabling her to send her brothers to school, as well as making it possible for her sister to become a teacher in their village.

The Fighting Poverty with Paper program is also helping to protect forests. Lakato bark is sourced from forests in Nepal. That translates into helping protect 34,000 acres of incredible forest land. Since scientists estimate that deforestation is responsible for as much as 25% of greenhouse gases, this initiative has the added benefit of helping to fight climate change.

Last but not least, this wonderful program supports the art of papermaking. This art can be traced all the way back to 12th century royal decrees. The Aveda salon gift boxes are the result of the same tradition of pressing, drying and dyeing paper by hand. Because the paper is not only beautiful, but also very strong and acid-free, the people of Nepal say it can last for as long as 1,000 years.

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This type of program is a reflection of Aveda’s ongoing commitment to caring for the world we all live in together. As many of you probably recall, we also had the honor of participating in the ‘Aveda Earth Month’ project which provides clean drinking water for families. From products to social initiatives, Aveda is passionate about showing that it is possible for companies to have a positive impact on the environment and people across the globe. Visit Reveal Salon & Spa in Omaha today to find the perfect holiday gifts for your family and friends! You can also reach our Aveda salon by calling us at (402) 493-0840.


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