Massage Services Q & A for Reveal Salon & Spa in Omaha

Massage Services_Spa in Omaha Melt those winter time blue away with our premium massage therapy services. We understand the importance of pampering as well as keeping your body in the best wellness possible. Today, our Licensed Massage Therapist shares with you the most frequently asked questions asked before or during a massage appointment. We promise, after reading you’ll want to book your customized massage today!

Q: What Should a Client Expect During a Massage Appointment with Reveal Salon & Spa?

A: Our Licensed Omaha Massage Therapist values the comforts and needs of every guest. She works to understand the guest’s past and present conditions. Her mission is to offer a variety of massage techniques to address the needs of the guest. With her expertise, she applies the selected techniques with care and consistent quality. To finish, she evaluates the effectiveness of the massage immediately after the session and at the return of guest’s next massage.

Each massage session begins with a consultation and assessment time. It is important to understand the guest’s main and secondary concerns, so the massage can be tailored to meet these goals. If it is your first massage visit, some medical information is gathered to help plan a safe and effective massage session.

Once the goals of the massage session are determined, the guest privately undresses to their level of comfort. Professional draping is used throughout the course of the massage, and massage techniques are skillfully applied to the agreed upon areas of the body. Reveal Salon & Spa in Omaha feels the most important consideration for a successful massage is the respect and comfort of the guest. Therefore, open communication is essential to the application of a comfortable level of pressure and therapy.

Q: What Are the Differences Between Reveal Salon & Spa’s Massage Techniques?

A: The great thing about massage therapy is many styles can be selected in one session. However, if it is the client’s first massage, sampling of several massage techniques are applied for an overall professional massage experience. Reveal Salon & Spa in Omaha offers a variety of massage styles to meet the needs of every guest:

Swedish Spa Massage – Massage techniques that ease the body into relaxation with basic massage touch, tension – release breathing, aromatherapy and other spa methods.

Stone Massage – The use of hot or cold stones have a powerful energetic effect on the body. Hot stone massage is a specialty spa treatment that uses smooth, heated stones to warm and penetrate tight muscles and tissues.

This is a comforting and effective cold weather massage available in 90-minute sessions. Cold stone therapy can be alternated with hot stones or added to any massage to reduce swelling, relax muscle spasms or relieve discomforts associated with hot temperatures or hot flashes.

Deep Tissue – This refers to techniques that are directed toward the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. A deep tissue massage does not mean a painful massage!

Prenatal Massage – Extra care is taken to ensure the comfort and safety of our pregnant massage guests. Side-lying supportive positioning is used to relieve the everyday and unique discomforts that result from pregnancy.

**Physician approval is encouraged before massage.**

Reflexology – Used to stimulate the body’s healing forces through the stimulation of reflex point on the hands, feet and other areas of the body.

Sports Massage – A method of massage designed to enhance an athlete’s performance, specifically addressing major muscle groups and their functions.

Q: What Are the Benefits of These Different Types of Massages?

A: There are many benefits to receiving regular massages, no matter what the type of massage you choose.

Benefits of massage include general relaxation, alleviation of muscular pain, improved circulation, muscular relaxation, improvement in cellular nutrition, normalization of body functions, reduction of anxiety, relief from the negative effects of stress and improved health and well-being.

Q: How Long Do Results Last?

A: Results of massage can vary depending on the commitment of home care and frequency. Most claim immediate stress and pain relief with lasting results. Massage is an effective compliment to other hands-on treatments such as chiropractic and physical therapy.

How Often Should Someone Get a Massage from Reveal Salon & Spa?

A: When seeking to include massage in a routine of wellness, the massage length and frequency is often a 60 to 90 minute massage every 6 to 8 weeks. Those who are prescribed clinical massage therapy coordinate more frequent massage sessions. Whether a person is seeking massage for relaxation or therapy, an investment of 4 consecutive massage sessions will allow you to experience the benefits of Reveal Salon and Spa’s relaxation and therapeutic massage services.

Reveal Salon & Spa’s one-hour massage package of 4 investments is $230.

Q: What makes Reveal Salon & Spa the best place for massages in Omaha?

A: Reveal Salon and Spa employs only the best in beauty and body professionals. We are uniquely designed to be Omaha’s family-oriented, full-service salon. Reveal Salon & Spa in Omaha enhances the beauty of every guest through massage therapy, skin care, hair design and all your beauty needs. Call today to book a massage for yourself or as a gift with our Omaha Massage Therapist. 402-493-0840

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