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Summer has come to Omaha and with it Frizz!  Our Omaha salon is ready to help you with all your hair care needs, the natural way.

At Reveal Salon And Spa we offer a variety of Aveda products and services to keep your hair healthy and frizz under control during the summer months. We want to help with your concerns regarding your hair needs.

At our Omaha Salon we usually address two main frizz fighting issues,  those wanting straight smooth hair and the other for our guests who like their natural curl.


How Do I Get Through Summer Without Frizz When I Want Straight Hair?

The Aveda Smooth Infusion line designed to reduce frizz, smooth and soften hair. With shampoo, conditioner and styling products, our experienced Omaha stylists can assist you in the right combination to achieve the look you are after.

The NEW Smooth Infusion Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque softens hair, seals in moisture, controls frizz and reduces unwanted volume by 50%, leaving hair soft and smooth with natural movement.

Our Summer Straight Fave: Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep- Lotion that preps hair to give long-lasting, smooth results while making styling faster and easier. When used as part of the Smooth Infusion™ system, it defends hair against humidity for up to 12 hours.


What Do I use When I Have Natural Curl?

The Aveda Be Curly line has an array of products from shampoo to styling aids  with several new additions.

The NEW Cowash is a conditioning, sulfate-free wash that gently cleanses the scalp and hair, removing build-up and excess oil and moisturizing curls and coils for up to three days.  Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque helps detangle and moisturize curls and coils and fight frizz with every use.

These options used together with their partnered Aveda styling products with keep that frizz under control  during the hot, humid Omaha summer.

Our Summer Curly Fave: Be Curly Style Prep – Styling lotion that sets the perfect foundation for wavy or curly hair styles on shampoo and non-shampoo days by sealing the cuticle to define and maintain waves and curls while moisturizing and providing all-day frizz control.


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